Oil Filter Gasket:  Small Part, Big Function


Holding. That single word turns out to be pretty significant. If you’re in the market for a BMW, you’re holding out hope of finding that special car in just the right color with all the best options. When it comes to your prized auto’s motor oil, it’s also important that the engine is holding its motor oil. If it’s leaking from the oil filter gasket or any other location, the level could drop to the point that your vehicle’s power plant has an insufficient amount of lubricant to be protected. Import Auto Repairs with locations in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia, can assist you with all your BMW repair needs, including a leaking oil filter gasket. Our technicians have many years of experience with importing automobiles, and we back our work with a fantastic 36-month, 36,000-mile warranty. And, of course, we value our relationships with our customers, always holding you in the highest esteem.

The Work of the Gasket and the Work of Replacement

As you probably already know, the oil filter traps impurities in your vehicle’s motor oil, preventing particles from circulating to areas where they can damage engine components. The filter connects to the oil filter housing. The location and connection make the filter easy to reach and change, a bonus since the life of the average oil filter is fairly short, and it should be replaced at every oil change. Though the oil filter gasket is a small part, it serves a large function. The gasket seals the area such that oil cannot seep out as it circulates to and from the filter. This component lasts a long time. In fact, some owners never need to replace it at all. However, as the gasket ages, it can begin to crack, allowing lubricant to make its way through the once-sealed crevice to the outside. When this happens, you have an oil leak. Gasket replacement entails draining the oil and removing the filter as would be done during a routine preventive maintenance service oil change, removing the oil filter housing and damaged gasket, replacing the gasket, reinstalling the housing, installing a new filter, and refilling the automobile with fresh oil. (BMW recommends full synthetic lubricant over conventional or synthetic blend for all its models.)

Reliable BMW Repair in Your Neighborhood

If it’s time for your BMW Service I or II or if you’ve noticed an oil leak in your vehicle, you can rely on Import Auto Repairs for neighborhood BMW repair. With both the main location and a convenient satellite drop-off location, there’s no need to travel back to the dealership. Whether you need oil filter gasket replacement or another repair, we’re your local BMW repair specialist.

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