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Do you love your Lexus? Do you want to enjoy its luxurious comfort and well-appointed features for years to come? Let us help you. Import Auto Repair in Alpharetta, GA, is your local expert for foreign-made cars. Our certified technicians stay abreast of the latest technology and information, attending training every year. Further, we keep our shop well equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and manufacturers’ recommended tools. You’ll find us conveniently located at 6735 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta, GA 30004. Make an appointment for your Lexus repair today using our online feature or by calling us at (470) 466-8195.

Scheduled Preventive Services and Timely, Accurate Repairs

Like any car, your Lexus requires proper maintenance to remain in prime condition over the long haul. The manufacturer recommends a service visit every 5,000 miles or six months. More extensive preventive care should occur every 15,000 miles. While the lesser service visit includes minor car such as the routine oil and filter change, the more thorough checklist also addresses inspection of hoses/belts, checking/topping/changing all fluids as needed, reviewing all major systems, attending to hardware (grease latches, etc.), and performing tire rotation/balancing. Once it’s time for repair, our friendly staff can help you with any mechanical problem. While anything can go wrong within any vehicle line, some repairs are reported more frequently than others for the Lexus brand. One of those issues is a water leak that causes moisture to enter the passenger cabin. This most often occurs around the sunroof/moonroof area, usually presenting itself in the 20,000-30,000 mile window. This needs correcting if it happens to your car. It can damage the interior and lead to mold growth. Another problem plaguing some owners is oil leakage. Not only is it messy and very noticeable in your parking area, but it also allows the engine oil to escape, impairing your car’s ability to lubricate its moving metal parts. If you suspect an oil leak, have us check it and repair it on time if there is indeed a leak. Finally, as with any performance auto, you may need an occasional brake repair. As with any performance auto, if you hear odd noises or experience new, unusual sensations when braking, let us inspect your brakes, fixing any known issues before they develop into more serious trouble.

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No matter which Lexus you drive, it’s in your best interest to ensure its upkeep. The experienced technicians at Import Auto Repair are well versed with your vehicle and perform outstanding repairs. We back that work with a three- year/36,000-mile warranty. Get started on a positive plan of action for your Lexus today by calling (470) 466-8195 to schedule an appointment.

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