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Land Rover Repair in Alpharetta, GA

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Your Land Rover is one of the most versatile vehicles on the market. It’s one of the original multi-purpose automobiles, offering space for the family and equipment and the ability to cross multiple terrain types. As cars and human wants evolved, the brand began catering to comfort, too. The name eventually became associated with luxury. Today, this auto line is well known for its unique combination of luxury and adventure. Add Import Auto Repair in Alpharetta, Georgia, to your transportation combination to keep your vehicle operating at its best. Visit us at 6735 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta, GA 30004. To make your appointment for Land Rover repair, use our online scheduler or call us at (470) 466-8195.

Preventive Services and Commonly Reported Repairs

All automobiles need regular services. Land Rover recommends a specific schedule to ensure your car’s protection as follows:

5,000 miles: Your technician will attend to oil/filter change, lubrication (chassis), battery/cable inspection, and tire monitoring.

10,000 miles: In addition to a repeat of prior services, this visit will include checking the suspension/steering, monitoring coolant, and checking the transmission fluid level.

15,000 miles: More extensive, this visit includes those given basic service points as well as changing additional filters (crankcase oil and cabin) and looking over wheels, lighting belts, wipers, on-board diagnostic codes, brakes, power steering, exhaust, underbody, and latches (doors and hood).

30,000 miles: As you might guess, this service list entails a repeat of all prior points in addition to an inspection suspension systems, all steering/power steering components, wiring harness, fuel lines, driveshaft, seat belts, and entire braking system (to include a brake fluid change).

60,000 miles: This mile mark continues the regular service visits. By now, you’ll also likely need new tires (if not before).

In addition to regular maintenance, you will occasionally need a repair for your Land Rover. Owners report a few troubling items more frequently than others. For example, there have been instances of broken wires (facilitated by an airbag spring-steering column misalignment) that cause airbag malfunction. Also, some Land Rovers develop a pinch in a drain which can lead to a sunroof leak. As with many luxury makes, the air suspension can also develop a leak and require repair. Some drivers note a greater likelihood of a parking brake problem requiring repair, while others complain of electrical troubles. Finally, unusual noises while you’re turning at a low speed may point to a steering shaft issue.

We offer the following services for your Land Rover: 

A Great Place for Land Rover Repair

Whether it’s time for a scheduled service or you’ve detected a potential problem, choose a repair facility that has the same love for your import that you do. Import Auto Repair is dedicated to European vehicles, and our experienced technicians are well trained on topics related to your model. Give us a call at (470) 466-8195 to schedule an appointment and discuss your multi-purposed luxury automobile.

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