Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions at Import Auto Repairs, Georgia

  1. Oil leaks and Coolant leaks: IAR is responsible for fixing approved leaks but is not responsible for additional oil leaks in the future. The same goes for the cooling system. When sealing a pressurized system such as the cooling system – oil lubricated engine, if any other weak parts are present, then additional leaks may occur in the future. IAR only provides a warranty for specifically approved repairs.
  2. Shocks/Struts: When the vehicle is hoisted during repairs. The customer is aware that weak struts/shocks may fail. IAR is not responsible for failed struts/shocks or noises caused by failed struts. When the vehicle is hoisted in the air, all four struts are fully extended and can cause excess strain on weak units.
  3. High mileage and older vehicles 100K plus: IAR is not responsible for any broken parts while performing the approved repair. We do our best as a company to add additional items to the quote during the estimate write-up but choose not to charge the customer for every part that gets removed. By doing this, during the repair process, older parts such as hoses, bolts, brackets, gaskets, and seals may need to be replaced once removed. Also, in the case that a bolt is seized. We charge additional labor to extract the bolts.
  4. Check engine light to continue testing disclosure: IAR must perform the approved repairs and continue testing. What does this mean, and why can’t you guarantee me this repair will resolve my check engine light? We as a company follow factory-specific trouble trees, and by doing so, it won’t allow us to continue testing until every step holds integrity.
  5. Third-party warranty company disclosure: The customer will be responsible for any diagnostic charges and authorized repairs if the warranty company declines coverage or diagnostic. Also, the warranty may not cover the total labor rate amount, and the customer assumes responsibility for the remaining balance. Import Auto Repair only offers 12k 12m warranty on all third-party warranty repairs and does not fall under standard TechNet warranty coverage.
  6. Failed batteries: When performing extensive diagnostic on the vehicle, which uses more volts than normal driving conditions. Import Auto Repair is not responsible for a failed battery. We can not predict that a battery may fail until our diagnostics are performed. Weak batteries may fail, and the customer will be responsible for payment of battery and installation before continuous testing can be conducted.
  7. Classic Car Disclosure 25 yr old or older: Classic car repairs are subjected to change during the repair process. Remember that most repairs consist of fabricating and extracting old bolts – parts. Having set labor for these types of repairs is impossible until the repair starts. We provide an estimated labor and parts quote at the start of the repair to give our customers an idea of the cost. IAR uses a combined cost of parts, labor, and parts research to determine a set price. On classic vehicles, most of the catalogs are incorrect, and the vehicle has already been converted into a different parts makeup. Tracking down the correct parts can take time with many trials and errors. Also, IAR can give our customers a time frame when the vehicle can be completed, never a specific date. Classic car completion times may vary from the initial completion time frame.
  8. Electrical repairs: When performing module-specific repairs/replacement. IAR cannot determine the vehicle’s specific fault codes until the module is installed and programmed. The customer knows that once the module is replaced and repaired, the vehicle may have additional fault codes requiring extra diagnostic time.
  9. Diagnostic: During a check engine light / Engine performance test. Import Auto Repair allows 1 hour per labor rate to determine the cause of the failure or possibly the next steps. The customer will not be charged additional diagnostic time until the one hour is met. IAR will reach out, and the customer will need to approve additional diagnostic time if we cannot determine the issue within the allotted time frame.
  10. Towing: The customer has three days to pick up the vehicle after a given repair notification. If the vehicle has not been picked up within three days, the vehicle is subject to towing.
  11. A/C Systems: A/C recharge is not a repair for the a/c system of any kind. it is simply a service to determine where any leaks may be found. During small leaks, it could take months or even seasons to determine when the dye is present. During the recharge, IAR adds dye to determine any leaks in the future. Electrical or mechanical failure of the A/C system may still be possible in the future months of a recharge.
  12. Walk around pictures: All vehicle photos will be taken prior to the repair. If the damage is present in the photos, IAR is not responsible for the damage. 1
  13. Part delays: IAR has no control over the manufacturing and ETA times of parts. We do our best as a whole to guide customers to an accurate time frame, but shipping, back order, and manufacture delays may cause times to vary.
  14. Safety items: Customer understands that if any safety items are declined, IAR is not held responsible if accident occurs after vehicle has been picked up. Once repair is declined, the customer has 3 days to pick up the vehicle before storage charges occur.
  15. Storage: IAR will charge $25 per day 3 days after the repair is complete or decline. Customer may call and get an extension on storage days.
  16. Insurance repairs falls under same standards as #5. (Third – party warranty disclosure)
  17. High performance brake noises: Why do performance brakes squeak? Brakes squeak in disc brakes because this is caused by vibration of the rotor, pads and caliper. Performance brakes will usually have a higher concentration of metal in the pads. This increased metal content will sometimes allow, or even cause, more vibration than the older organic, asbestos and first generation semi-metallic brake pads. In performance brake pads, the bonding materials that the metallic pieces make up the friction material in a brake pad, is also more durable than with lower performance pads/ This increased durability also contributes to the squeak, causing vibrations. IAR does not offer a warranty for high performance brake squeal.
  18. Damage; Theft.  IAR is not responsible for loss of or damage to the vehicle due to or arising from fire, weather, theft or any other cause except the sole negligence of IAR. IAR is not responsible for any loss or damage to articles of personal property that have been left in the vehicle or for loss or damage to bodies, trailers or special equipment, including any cargo, materials or supplies carried on or in such bodies, trailers or special equipment, whatever the cause.
  19. Mechanic’s Lien; Lien Sale; Collection.  In addition to any and all other legal remedies available to IAR, Customer authorizes and acknowledges an express mechanic’s lien in favor of IAR on the vehicle described herein for all charges for repairs, including labor and parts, storage and/or towing.  Customer authorizes and acknowledges that if payment in full is not received within ten (10) days after IAR has notified the Customer that the repairs are completed: (i) IAR may, in accordance with applicable state law, begin lien sale proceedings and sell the vehicle at public auction; and/or (ii) IAR may refer such account to its attorneys or a collection agency for collection.
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