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A hybrid vehicle combines diesel or gasoline engines with an electric motor for propulsion. They also leverage advanced technologies such as regenerative braking, which restore the energy lost during coasting or braking. As a result, these vehicles achieve greater fuel efficiency and emit less toxic gases to the environment compared to their non-hybrid counterparts. The electric power also boosts the vehicle’s performance in numerous instances. The most advanced hybrid cars are packed with large batteries that can be recharged from an outlet. That means that they can drive for more extended miles on electricity mode before switching to diesel or gasoline engines.

Your hybrid vehicle is a precious investment. To that end, maintaining it in its best-running shape should only come naturally. It is vital that you take your car for regular inspection, especially at the first sign of electrical hitches. These hybrid vehicles require a specialist’s knowledge and expertise for diagnosis and repair due to their complexity. Unfortunately, you are not likely to find that in most of the automotive repair shops around. That is precisely where Import Auto Repair comes in.

Our auto repair shop has been providing professional maintenance and repair services for these unique vehicles for years since they first arrived. Whether yours is a Honda, Nissan, or Lexus, our ASE certified technicians have you covered. We are equipped with the same tools, parts, and expertise as the primary dealer guaranteeing you top-notch and authentic services at competitive rates.

Some of the hybrid repair services we provide at Import Auto Repair include:

Hybrid vehicles indeed offer significant benefits to the driver and the environment. However, regular maintenance is overly integral in enhancing the performance of your vehicle and extending its longevity. If you need hybrid repair in Alpharetta, GA, bring your vehicle to the experts here at Import Auto Repair today! Give us a call at (470) 466-8169 or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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