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You probably enjoy driving your beautiful, luxurious Infiniti, so you may feel as if you’d like to drive it forever across an untold number of miles. To keep your model running well for a long time (as close to infinity as possible), you’ll need to keep it in good condition through preventive maintenance services and timely repairs. For that, count on the certified technicians at Import Auto Repair in Alpharetta, GA. Our staff loves imports and keeps current on with the latest training, so our facility is the perfect place for Infiniti repair. You’ll find us nearby at 6735 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta, GA 30004. Give us a call at (470) 466-8195 or use our online scheduling feature to make an appointment for your Infiniti.

Keeping It Maintained. Keeping It Repaired.

For optimal performance and protection of your car, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for preventive maintenance care. For every 3,750 miles of driving or 3 months, you should plan on basic services that include an oil/filter change, fluid check/top off, a tire check, etc. Each time you reach a 7,500 mile or 6-month interval, plan on a “minor maintenance” visit. In addition to a repeat of the first service points, we’ll inspect and adjust or change as needed additional components/systems, including the battery/cables, alternator, wipers, lighting, cabin filter, etc. This is also a good time to rotate and balance the tires. At 30,000 mile intervals, your auto will need the “major maintenance” services. Obviously, this entails not only a repeat of lesser checkpoints but also includes checks and replacements that don’t occur as often. Even with good preventive care, however, your Infiniti will eventually need repair. It’s a great car line (which is why you chose it), but as with any manufacturer, one can find a few interesting problems. Statistically speaking, the 2003 models have the greatest number of reported wear and tear issues. The specific model with the most reports–regardless of the year–is the G35. Perhaps surprising to some, the most frequently reported problem across all years and types is airbag trouble. That’s followed by engine/engine cooling reports and electrical glitches.

We offer the following services for your Infiniti: 

Infiniti Expertise

Regardless of your specific choice–year, model name, or car color–the certified technicians at Import Auto Repair have the expertise needed to keep your Infiniti running at its best. We have the capability to diagnose even the most troubling issues and to find the underlying first signs of difficulty before they become full-blown breakdowns. However, if you’re ever stranded with a breakdown, towing services to our auto repair shop are available. Whatever your Infiniti mechanical need, give us a call at (470) 466-8195 to schedule an appointment.

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