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The All-Important Upkeep: Services And Repairs To Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Repair in Alpharetta, GA

The Forever Car

Although to say with certainty that any car can run forever might be a stretch, it is true that with proper care the Mercedes-Benz line has a reputation of long-lasting performance. The manufacturer provides badges to classic model owners at designated high mileage marks. Import Auto Repair in Alpharetta, GA, is a great local dealership alternative to get the services and repairs your vehicle needs. As the name suggests, we’re dedicated to the care of your European model. You’ll find us along Route 9 at 6735 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta, GA 30004. Use our weblink or call us at (470) 466-8195 to schedule your next visit.

Recommended Services and Commonly Needed Repairs

The experienced, certified technicians at Import Auto Repair can help you with all mechanical needs for your prized transportation. First, we’ll help you with preventive maintenance services. As you already know, the manufacturer has a recommended set of services that should occur at specified intervals. Designated as Service A, the 10,000 mile/1 year maintenance includes synthetic oil and filter change, brake inspection, fluid checking/topping (power steering, brake, coolant, windshield wash), and tire air pressure monitoring as well as a maintenance minder reset. After 20,000 miles or two years, the Service B plan includes the prior points plus dust filter exchange and brake fluid change. (Check your manual or consult one of our technicians if you drive a model older than 2009. Service intervals may vary a bit.) Other lesser-known service schedules include C (oil change, filter, lube), a D visit (which is an indicator that the service will require extended time on that day), and E (noting extra time and cost). Second, our team can assist you with any ailment your auto presents. As stated, this brand is recognized for reliability, but every car has an occasional issue. The most troubling for most drivers, particularly those who own older models, is the air suspension system. It is unquestionably comfortable because it allows the vehicle to adjust for maximum comfort. However, the air struts can develop tiny holes over time due to the normal stresses of use, heating and cooling, and age. Those breaches allow air to escape. Eventually, the onboard compressor can’t keep pace with the air escaping through the cracks and holes, so the system will need repair.

We offer the following services for your Mercedes: 

Your Convenient, Trusted Source for Repair

Although dealerships are great for new car purchases, you may enjoy the convenience and pricing of an independent facility for Mercedes-Benz repair. Your fellow European car enthusiasts at Import Auto Repair are knowledgeable and reputable, keeping current on skills and training. Further, work is backed by a three year/36,000 mile warranty. We look forward to taking care of your beautiful vehicle and you, so give us a call at (470) 466-8195 to schedule an appointment.

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