What Does Coolant/Antifreeze Actually Do?

Car engine coolant is different from antifreeze

Antifreeze and coolant are not the same thing but are used together. Antifreeze is made of a glycol-based liquid and must be diluted with water before use to create engine coolant. So engine coolant is a combination of water and antifreeze.

What does coolant do and why should I use it for my car?

Using coolant is important to prevent your car's engine from overheating. A car engine overheating can be a major issue that can destroy a car's engine entirely. Drivers should regularly check the car's water coolant levels daily to ensure the water in the engine is not gradually overheating over time.

Car coolant also manages to lubricate the parts of the engine and the water cylinder chambers/channels around the cylinder head.

The antifreeze and the water work together to prevent the water in the car's engine system from 'freezing' and keep the car's engine running efficiently. This is especially crucial during the colder winter months. However, antifreeze and car coolant are also important during hot weather to reduce the engine's temperature and prevent overheating.

When do I know that it is time to use coolant and antifreeze?

You will know when to use engine coolant and antifreeze as soon as you notice any sort of discoloring or rust in the coolant currently in your engine. You may do this by looking at the car's water coolant level gauge.

Another sign that you need to use coolant and antifreeze in your car is if your engine starts consistently breaking down or stalling. This is most likely an indicator that your engine is regularly overheating and coolant/antifreeze needs to be applied to lower the car engine's temperature.


Drivers must not underestimate the effectiveness of using car coolant and antifreeze to protect the car's engine and its different parts. Using car coolant and antifreeze at the right moment may well manage to prevent the car's engine from packing up entirely, and the car abruptly breaking down and needing to be towed away by a rescue vehicle. Not only are car coolant and antifreeze effective, but they are also very affordable car maintenance products.

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Written by Import Auto Repair