What Are The Signs Of A Bad Fuel Injector?

Fuel is one of the essential elements an engine needs to function at optimal efficiency and capacity. Fuel injection involves the delivery of gasoline to the internal combustion of the engine. They are cylindrical coils of wires that act as magnets that use electronic valves and atomizing nozzles to distribute or spray gasoline evenly into your car's engine. However, you might experience problems such as clogged or failing injectors due to collapsing vapor pockets, which will compromise the efficiency of your engine. It is good to know the following signs of a bad fuel injector and invest in immediate repairs to smooth out the issue and enjoy your ride.

Car Won't Start

Since the role of fuel injectors is to spray petrol or diesel evenly to your vehicle's engine, if it's clogged or faulty, the engine will not get sufficient gasoline it needs to start. To identify the problem, you will need the quick services of a professional mechanic from a reputable auto repair shop. The mechanic will check and diagnose why the engine is not starting and might clean or repair fuel injectors to ensure the fuel is flowing smoothly to the engine.

Engine Misfires

It is easy to notice misfires when your engine is running. Dirty fuel injectors are the primary cause of the engine misfires in your vehicle's engine. The engine produces a subtle popping noise and sends vibrations throughout your car. You should plan with your trusted auto repair shop to fix the problem so that you can resume your carefree ride.

Fuel Smells

If the fuel injector in your car is faulty or leaking gasoline, petrol, or diesel while the engine is on, you may notice an unpleasant odor. Fuel leakage is a dangerous problem that can be fatal when it comes to contact with fire. If you detect an abnormal smell, you should drive your car to an auto repair shop where a professional mechanic will troubleshoot it. It will help prevent fatal fire accidents that can drain your finances or cause extreme physical damage to car owners and passengers.

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Written by Import Auto Repair