Things You Could Be Doing Wrong With Your Car

The ultimate goal for every driver is to keep your car safe and functional. We all know the basics of getting oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements, but there are also a handful of things you should avoid doing to your vehicle. Here are the things to NOT do if you want to keep your car healthy for the long run:

Drive with the Oil Light On

If your engine oil lights start flashing on, this is a sign that your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. This light usually signals that your engine oil is low or ultimately entirely out.

Use Dishwashing Soap to Wash Your Car

Dishwashing liquid is made to get grease and grime off your dishes, but it is not made for car paint! It can end up stripping off the wax and essential oils in your car paint. Do not take this risk.

Overfill Your Tires

Most people think that filling your tires a little extra is a precautionary measure, but it can cause premature tire wear and cause a bumpier ride. Always fill it up to what your manufacturer recommends for it to be -- the requirements are usually labeled on the driver's door frame.

Smoke While Filling up Your Gas

This is an obvious one since there are usually signs at the pump. As a reminder, smoking of any kind is prohibited near gas since it is highly flammable (duh).

Ignore Rust Marks

Rust is almost always worse than what it appears to be on the surface. If you notice it on your paint job, inspect what is behind the metal. Rust spots usually need to be stripped back to clean metal, filled, and repainted as soon as possible.

Leave Drinks Out in Your Car

We've all been victims of leaving water bottles and soda cans in our cars. It is important to remember that liquids swell when they reach freezing temperatures. As a result, you could end up with a mess in your vehicle. Next time you notice an overly hot or cold drink left in the car, do not hesitate to throw it out - Yuck!

We hope some of our tips help you out in the future. For any auto repair or service, call or visit Import Auto Repair Our shop is at your convenience in Alpharetta, GA.

Written by Import Auto Repair