Signs You Need Clutch Repair

In simplest terms, your clutch is a manual transmission part that controls when and how power is transferred to your wheels. In other words, the clutch is engaged to keep your car in the right gear, allowing you to accelerate. Now that you know what role the clutch plays in your car, it's more critical for you to know the warning signs it may give off when it goes bad. Here are some key signs that may indicate you need clutch repair:

Soft Clutch Pedal

If you drive a manual transmission, you may know precisely how your clutch pedal feels day in and day out. If the pedal starts feeling softer than usual, it is a major sign that you need clutch fluid. This also happens when air escapes into the system.

Slipping Clutch

A safe and functional clutch should disengage when you need it to and allow smooth gear changes. If your clutch is slipping, you may experience higher RPM than usual as your engine revs. A slipping clutch is a common side effect of a worn or old clutch plate.

Trouble Shifting to Reverse

Any hardships with changing gears can be worrisome because it can put you in dangerous situations. It is advised that you take your car to the auto repair shop ASAP to get this problem resolved.

Grinding Noises

Aside from physically noticeable issues, you may catch a weird grinding sound when pressing the clutch pedal. This is another sure sign that your clutch is worn and needs service. Any unusual sounds coming from your car should signal you to seek help from an automotive professional.

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Written by Import Auto Repair