How To Protect Your Battery During The Winter

Extreme weather conditions can be harmful to car batteries. The strongest battery may not be able to withstand temperatures that are too cold. The winter is officially here in Alpharetta, so it's time to take extra precautions to maintain your battery's health. A few simple tasks can prevent your vehicle from dying when you least expect it. Below are a few helpful tips to protect your battery during the winter.

Drive for 10 minutes or longer.

It's tempting to stay warm indoors, but if you have the opportunity to go for a drive. Drives that are at least 10 minutes allow your engine to warm and adequately charge the battery. If you don't drive, the cold weather can weaken your battery. In severe cases, you may not start the next time you drive.

Park in a garage.

During the winter, park inside a garage to keep the battery insulated. If a garage isn't nearby, try parking near heated equipment, warm buildings, or spaces with a bit of direct sunlight.

Get your battery checked.

Summer heat can be just as harmful to your battery as winter chill. Knowing how long your battery life expectancy can prevent any surprises. Bring your vehicle to your trusted mechanic to have it checked to ensure it's functioning efficiently. A professional can also determine the battery's power, age, and size if it needs to be replaced. If all is well, it should be removed, wiped down, and reinstalled.

Regular maintenance can tend the life of your battery. Batteries that are properly cared for can resist corrosion. If you find yourself needing to charge your battery, regular maintenance can decrease the chance of overcharging and help the charge last longer. Don't let winter weather cause damage; consider your battery today before it gets too cold. If you suspect there may be a problem, don't hesitate to bring your car into Import Auto In. Our ASE certified technicians would be happy to perform an inspection to determine whether your battery needs to be replaced.

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Written by Import Auto Repair