How To Prevent Car Theft
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were over 800,000 cases of car thefts in the US in 2020. Whether you’ve seen it happen or not, this type of crime happens every day. Some thieves might not even go for stealing the entire car, but only the precious things inside (ex. money, IDs, phones, etc.) or on it (ex. catalytic converter made with precious metals). To prevent a thief from hijacking your car, we recommend following these tips!

Don’t leave valuables in your car

You should never leave valuables like cash, financial statements, or jewelry out in your car. Even if you do, be sure to store them inside a purse, bookbag, or glove box. However, the best way to prevent stealing is simply to bring those personal items with you.

Park in a well-lit area

Crooks are more likely to steal in dark areas to avoid getting caught, which is why it’s best to park in lots with street lights.

Never leave your keys in the car

While you think leaving your keys in your car for a few minutes is fine, that’s all the time it takes for you to get robbed. No matter where you are (in a private space like your home or in public), please make sure to always take your keys with you and lock the doors .

Install an anti-theft system

If you feel insecure and want to take security to the next step, you can install an anti-theft system in your car. It will usually sound off loud alarms when they detect any sort of forced entry into your vehicle. Some of them include cameras to identify the person and a GPS tracking system that can show you your car’s location if the thief successfully escapes with it.

No one wants to have to deal with a stolen car, so try to implement some of these helpful tips to your driving lifestyle. For more auto advice and assistance on auto maintenance and repairs, please bring your vehicle to the experts at Import Auto Repair.

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