How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?

Drivers so often neglect windshield wipers, but they play such a vital part in ensuring our safety on the road. They help us see by clearing away rain, snow, fog, or any other debris that may cling onto our windshield. Though wipers can be very annoying and a hazardous hindrance whenever they become ineffective. The signs of old or failing wipers include skipping, streaking, and squealing. The last thing you'd want from your windshield wiper blades is for them to make your perception worse.

According to industry consensus, you should swap out your windshield wipers at least once a year, if not every six months. They can deteriorate quicker depending on how often you use them and whether you take care of them.

How to Preserve Your Wiper Blades

Wash your windshield - Cleaning the glass surface on your windshield can do more than make it shiny. It will remove the dirt and debris that could stick onto your wiper blades.

Wipe down your wipers. Occasionally, you will need to wipe down your blades to ensure they're clean. You should especially pay attention to the rubber components, as they are usually the first to show signs of wear.

Use a rubber seal. If you want to go the extra mile, we suggest a rubber protectant on certain areas of the blade to maintain its quality.

Don't turn them on when it's dry. This is common sense, but you should never activate the wipers unless you have something to clear off your windscreen.

Keep out of the sun. Parking in direct sun can dry out your wipers and even warp them.

Next time you come into Import Auto Repair, feel free to ask your mechanic about your wiper blades. We can take a look and determine if they've become ineffective. Our team can also check and top off your wiper fluid. If you notice a performance deficiency with your windshield wipers, please let us know. We can restore them for your convenience! Please do not hesitate to give us a call or come by our shop today!

Written by Import Auto Repair