How Do Hybrid Engines Work?

Hybrid cars are quite common these days. You probably see them every day as you go to and from work, especially if you live in a major metropolitan area. But what exactly is a hybrid car, and how do hybrid engines work?

What is a Hybrid Car?

A hybrid car is a car that is powered by a combustion engine and at least one electric motor. In other words, a hybrid car relies on both gasoline and electricity to move. The electricity comes from a battery that is charged by the combustion engine through regenerative braking. Most carmakers in North America offer some form of a hybrid vehicle. This combination helps with improving the performance of a car, minimizing the amount of gasoline consumed, and protecting the environment.

How do Hybrid Engines Works?

There are several different types of hybrid engines. How a hybrid engine works depends on its design. Some types of hybrid engines designs include:

Parallel Hybrid

In this design, the gasoline engine and the electric motor work in a common transmission, blending the two sources of power. In some situations, the combustion engine powers the car on its while, while in other situations, the electric motor works alone. Some common brands with a parallel hybrid design include Honda, Lexus, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Lexus.

Series Hybrid

In the series hybrid cars, all the thrust is provided by the electric motor. Therefore, there is no direct connection between the combustion engine and the wheels. In this design, the combustion engine is only responsible for recharging the battery.

Plug-In Hybrid

This design takes the concept of conventional hybrid cars a step higher. It includes a larger battery pack that can be fully recharged from an external source of electricity. This can allow you to drive 15 to 55 miles, depending on how much power the battery can store. When the power stored in the battery is depleted, your car reverts to being a parallel hybrid.

Mild Hybrid

All the hybrid designs mentioned above are considered full hybrids. This is because their electric motors can move the car on their own. On the other hand, the electric motor in the mild hybrid design cannot propel a car on its own. Its purpose is to support the combustion engine to improve performance and fuel economy.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that buying a hybrid car can enable you to save money on fuel and preserve the environment. If you need hybrid repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

Written by Import Auto Repair