Did You Know?… Your Vehicle Has Many Parts Made Of Rubber

If you haven't noticed by now, many of your car's parts are made of rubber (and no, not just your tires). Extreme temperatures can be very tough on rubber-made parts, such as your belts, gaskets, door/window/hood/trunk seals, hoses, etc. Additionally, wet or moist roads can allow water and grime to collect on these parts. Loose debris can also lead to corrosion in your belts, seals, and hoses. If you notice any unusual signs such as leakages or slips, it could be more severe than you think. Below are the rubbery components in your car that require the proper care!

Timing Belt

The timing belt is a "toothed" rubber belt that allows the crankshaft to turn the camshaft. If it is slipping and sliding or looks damaged in any way, then your engine will not run efficiently. If it becomes completely detached, then your engine will not work at all! Make sure you have this special belt replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt (also known as the drive belt) transfers power to your car's various components, including the AC compressor, engine cooling fan, air injection pump, power steering pump, and more. It is vital to keep this long belt intact and free of any damages.


Your vehicle contains multiple hoses and pipes that run throughout it to carry air or fluid between different sections of the car. These include air hoses, coolant hoses, and hydraulic brake lines. Your mechanic should check on all these hoses from time to time to ensure proper flow.

Gaskets and Seals

Your transmission pan gasket, engine seal, and other gaskets and seals throughout the vehicle are vital to prevent fluids from leaking. If any seal or gasket is impaired, it should be replaced ASAP.

Door, Window, Hood, and Trunk Seals

Though these parts do not contribute to the car's overall performance, all outside seals are made to provide insulation and block outside contaminants from getting in. Without these parts, water will flood your vehicle whenever it rains.

For all your seals, gaskets, hoses, and belts maintenance and repairs, you can leave it to the experts here at Import Auto Repair. Our ASE-certified technicians will have your vehicle safe and protected always! We invite you to give us a call or visit our shop today.

Written by Import Auto Repair