Car Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

If you've driven your vehicle for a while now, you're probably accustomed to the way it operates and the sounds it makes. So when you hear an unusual noise when driving, you may be a little frightened and unsure if you need a repair or not. Depending on what your ears pick up, your vehicle could be letting you know that something is wrong. Let's go over some of the most common car noises and what they may mean for your car:

A screeching noise coming from under the hood can indicate a defective serpentine belt or a faulty engine pulley. The screeching sound will be in somewhat of a pattern; you may hear the noise every time the belt goes around once. Belts are essential and will need to be replaced at the first symptom of wear.

A hissing noise under the hood can indicate a cracked hose. A broken hose can also be the culprit of a fluid leak, leading to significant issues depending on what fluid it is.

A metallic clanking sound can indicate metal-to-metal contact, either due to low engine oil or a calibration problem.

If you hear high-pitched squeals while pressing on the brake pedal, it's most definitely a sign that you require new brake pads.

A strange clunking metal sound from under your vehicle can also be a symptom of a suspension system problem. Please have a professional inspect your system.

A humming sound originating from your tires while accelerating can indicate poor tire wear. You should inspect your wheels as soon as possible.

While the sounds above are just several examples of strange car noises, you may be experiencing something else not mentioned in the list. Usually, if you hear a strange noise, something is wrong with your internal systems. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Import Auto Repair for a proper inspection. Our certified technicians will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the noise and determine what adjustments are needed to restore your vehicle to normal condition. Give us a call or visit today!

Written by Import Auto Repair