Air Suspension: Could Yours Have a Problem?

Riding on Air

You’ve heard all the cushy phrases–floating on a cloud, lying on a bed of roses, riding on air, etc. Although no vehicle traveling along a rough road is exactly that smooth, the advent of the air ride suspension system in luxury vehicles indeed improved the quality and smoothness of one’s ride. It also paved the way for quick and easy suspension adjustment, with most equipped automobiles leveling out their own ride using sensors and an onboard air compressor. As great as these systems are, however, they do lend themselves to trouble over time. That’s because the inflatable rubberized bags can crack from heat and age, allowing air to escape. Flying road debris can also be an issue because projectiles can puncture air-filled suspension components and hoses. If you’re supposed to be riding on air, but you aren’t, contact Import Auto Repairs located in Alpharetta, Georgia, for help with air suspension leaks as well as all other Land Rover repairs.

How Do You Know if You Have an Air Suspension Leak?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to spot an air suspension leak in your Land Rover. Although we’ll need to check your vehicle to make a diagnosis with certainty, there are some clues that might point you toward the possibility that your automobile has a suspension leak. First, simply consider the year model or mileage or your transportation. As with any make, model, or component, the older the car, the greater the chances of something going wrong. Also, if you notice that your vehicle is “riding low,” there could be an air leak. This is particularly true if the front or back of the auto sags lower than the other half. Further, if you hear the air compressor operating nearly all the time or cycling on and off with increased frequency, there’s likely a leak that’s causing the need for air refill more often than expected. If this has been happening for an extended amount of time, the compressor itself may be weak, as well. New, unusual noises that aren’t otherwise explainable could point to an air leak, too. Finally, routine vehicle inspection may reveal tiny leaks that you’ve not yet noticed. Without attention, these will probably get worse over time.

Land Rover Repair That’s Not a Hassle

Whether you have an air suspension leak, another problem, or simply need preventive maintenance services, you can get no-hassle Land Rover repair at Import Auto Repairs. Our work is reliable, backed by a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty, and you don’t have to schedule time at a dealership or brave traffic to get assistance. We also offer multiple perks that make your repair experience more convenient.

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